Lomi Lomi

"To knead, to soothe, to break apart"; Traditional Hawaiian massage. A flowing, encompassing traditional Hawaiian massage, integrated with tapotemont vibrational tools, Pu'ili 'ili, and Pu'ohe. Based on the principles of Huna; "an inner knowing", the body, mind, and spirit's alignment are facilitated.

Traditional Thai

Done traditionally clothed, on a massage mat on the floor. Utilizes palm pressing, and passive yoga-like stretches. Balances sen lines, (energy pathways), physical, and energetic bodies, relieving muscular tension.


A blend of several modalities such as, cross fiber, tapotement, petrissage, effluerage, hot stones, and tuning forks. Reduces musclar tension, pain, joint inflammation, and calms the nervous system.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™

For Women

A blend of ancient Mayan abdominal massage, and modren healing modalities. Through external non-invasive manipulation, internal organs that have shifted out of balance, maybe harmoniously repositioned. The flow of blood, lymph, nerve, and ch'uel,(Mayan for energy), are improved, promoting optimal health, and vitality. Some health concerns addressed with ATMAT are,painful periods, lower back pain,digestion, fertility,prenatal,postpartum, and menopausal complaints.

Herbal V Steams

An ancient method that involves sitting over a container of steaming herbal infused water. This practice of utilizing specific herbal remedies nourishes the uterus, and increases vitality through regulating irregular or painful menstrual cycles, supporting fertility, reproductive health, and recovery from birth, miscarriage, and surgery. Steaming is also helpful for emotional and spiritual clearing, gently grounding you back in to your center.


The use of polarized magnetics to interface with the body's biological consciousness, and detect pH imbalances of Acidity, and Alkalinity in specific areas . Thus supporting the body's ability to neutralize virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus, and other potentially toxic substances, enabling the whole system to come back into harmony.

Spiritual Cleanses

Helpful for times of transition, challenges, marking life milestones, embarking on a new pathway, or releasing that which no longer serves ones highest good. Supportive tools utilized, such as herbs, water, smoke, sound instruments, healing songs etc., help you, the client to feel grounded as you embody health, clarity, peace and root your intentions into your life experience.


Performed with pregnancy specific bolster support. Integrates effleurage, passive movement, trigger point, and reflexive positional release. Benefits; Addresses various trimester conditions, helps reduce, and alleviate ligament pain, stress bearing joints, backache, and led cramps. Stimulates lymphatic system, (may help prevent/reduce edema), morning sickness, relieve physical, and emotional tension.

Closing of the Bones

Assists in closing of the energetic gateways of the body, and the physical rebalancing of the muscles and bones of the hips. Aids the healing process of transitions and the closing of cycles of birth, miscarriage, abortion, menopause, and womb trauma in a gentle and supportive manner.

British Sports

Incorporates active isolated stretching, friction, trigger point, and deep tissue. Helps to prepare, or recover from training, and events.


A Japanese system of healing the human energy bio-field. Administered through light hand placement on various parts of the body that correspond to the client's energy centers.

Sound Therapy

Implementation of Tibetan singing bowls ,Monochord, tuning forks, VAT frequency sound mat, and other traditional instruments to tap into the healing potential of sound to activate, shape, and transform matter. Calms the nervous system, and works on multiple levels to bring one's body back into balance and wellbeing.


Developed by Richard Miller Phd, through combining neuroscience, psychology, and yogic practice to bring restorative benefits to a wide variety of individuals, and groups. A modern guided meditative self-inquiry, based on the Yoga Nidra tradition. Helpful for PTSD, anxiety, insomnia,chronic pain, and stress.

Feeding Your Demons ®

Feeding Your Demons is an active form of meditation created by Lama Tsultrim Allione. Grounded in a form of Chöd ( meaning to cut through), developed by Machig Labdrön an 11th century female Buddhist teacher. Machig's strategy was to turn towards and nuture rather than fight our inner and outer demons, such as fear, depression, anxiety, chronic pain or illness, addiction etc. Turning our Demons into Allies through seeing, acknowledging, and hearing them is an effective path to transformation, integration, and inner peace.



An ancient system that has been modernized. Utilizing cups, this modality creates a vacuum which helps to clear deep muscular tension, and fascial adhesions.

Essential Oils

Aromatic therapeutic grade essential oils are integrated in to the session potentially creating benefits, and relief for headaches, sinus, muscles, ligaments.

Hot Stones

Basalt stones heated in water are used as tools to massage the body. Certain stone layouts are placed on the body to allow the penetrating heat to relax muscles, and calm the clients nervous system.

*corporate chair massage also available